Our Practice Areas

Labor Union Law

Since 1967 our firm has provided legal counsel and advice to private and public sector labor unions throughout the state of California and the United States. The late David W. Leahy, founding partner and former judge of the Superior Court of Santa Clara County set a standard for providing high-level legal advice and counsel combined with an activist zeal in support of the political agenda of our labor union clients.

Wage & Hour Claims

The Firm has long worked on individual and class wage and hour litigation, including class actions which have led to recovery of wages and penalties owed employees under federal and state law.

Employment Litigation

Since 1967 our firm has established itself as premier litigation attorneys on behalf of employees in matters regarding wrongful termination, sex and race discrimination, sex harassment, disability discrimination, wage and hour claims and public policy tort litigation. For over 35 years our firm has litigated cases involving virtually every facet of the employer-employee relationship.


The Firm has committed itself to representing employees suing for retaliation for having acted as whistleblowers pursuant to California law, Labor Code Section 98.6 and other provisions of California state law and federal law.

Wrongful Termination

The Firm has long represented employees in wrongful termination actions including the landmark appellate case of Scott v. Pacific Gas & Electric Co, 11 Cal. 4th 454 (1995) In this case, and others, the Firm has represented employees who sue for breach of implied contract actions in employment establishing certain rights to sue for wrongful termination or demotion.

Fair Labor Standards Act

Several FLSA cases have been successfully brought by the Firm against private sector and public sector employers for failure to comply with the requirements of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. These include, among others, the Ninth Circuit decision in Klem v. County of Santa Clara, which established several principles regarding the enforcement of rights under the FLSA.

Sex Harassment

The Firm has successfully resolved dozens of sexual harassment claims and has been a leader in training programs for clients and other third parties aimed at eliminating discriminatory conduct of employers. Shareholder Christopher Platten has served on several panels regarding sex harassment, including a panel presentation at an international conference on gender discrimination and sexual harassment sponsored at U.C. Berkeley in 2018.

Appellate Law

As represented by the biographies for several of our attorneys, the Firm has significant experience in the area of appellate practice including but not limited to, federal and state court decisions in California and New Mexico concerning collective bargaining rights, pension rights, wrongful termination, discrimination, and personal injury cases.


For many years, the Firm has provided legal counsel and advice to private and public sector employees who have been discriminated against for unlawful reasons. These include actions before administrative agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission as well as litigation in state and federal courts.

At Wylie, McBride, Platten & Renner we are committed to maintaining the highest standard of professionalism and service so that you can be assured of receiving quality representation from an experience lawyer.

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